Accounting, compliance & wealth reporting services

A key ingredient in the delivery of professional fiduciary services is access to accurate and timely financial information.  This ensures that trustees and directors are, at all times, aware of the financial position of the entities for which they are responsible and facilitates timely compliance and efficient decision making.

The Paicolex team possesses substantial professional accounting, financial management and specialist compliance reporting expertise.  We can offer our clients a cost-effective, efficient, in-house service preparing trust, company and partnership accounts in management and statutory format.

We can liaise with external auditors and tax advisers on behalf of clients and we can work with independent accountants and other specialists to ensure that local filings and returns, including tax-based analyses, are performed and submitted on a timely basis.

In appropriate circumstances, we can also provide an in-house liquidation service with all necessary accounting support to ensure that client structures, when no longer required, are terminated in a fully compliant manner.

Our reputation relies on the proper management of the assets you place in our trust which we seek to achieve with skill and consummate care.